We are proud of our long established history in the Forest Products Industry. Our unique supplier relationships is the foundation to provide customers with the highest quality and most diverse products available.

Domestic Specialties by Representative

Eric Ford specializes in the Alder, Cedar, Doug Fir and Pine industrial markets and reclaimed lumber. Not only can he fill your car and truck load orders, but can fulfill the small unit requests with highly mixed loads, or ship LTL to locations across the U.S.

Bob Crews is a expert in the low grade industrial markets. He supplies low grade materials to pallet operations, crating and packaging companies and has been instrumental in developing our timber recovery program.

Michael Jones is well known in the Industrial Clear market, with special focus on Doug Fir and Hemlock. Mike supplies the highest quality CLEAR SOFTWOOD products in the U.S. He maintains a large inventory of Industrial Clear Doug Fir and Hemlock, ready for those full or partial shipments.

Brett McDonald specializes in low grade lumber for pallets and crating materials. Brett’s superior buying relationships combined with strategically located Warehouses and dedicated truck lanes allows him to provide unmatched customer supply and service.

James Marston leverages his extensive domestic stock and strong mill relationships to sell a wide range of industrial and high grade specialty products to stocking distributors and secondary manufacturers nationwide.